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Bklaq Apple Communication

Services & Target Market

Spotlight on BlaqAppleSpotlight on BlaqApple
Apple Icon The services provided by the company include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Photographic  Services  and Video  Filming
  • Provision  of  Audio-Visual  Equipment  and Dj’s
  • Repair and Maintenance of  Audio-Visual  Equipment
  • Catering & Venue Decor
  • Hiring of Catering Equipment, inclusive of tents, tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, linen etc
  • Cleaning Services
  • Personnel
  • Provision of marshals, ushers and security personnel
  • Accommodation and transport reservations

Target Market

Apple Icon Target Market:
The Private Sector:

  • Small and medium sized entrepreneurs
  • Private companies and international corporations


  • National Government Departments
  • Provincial Government Departments
  • Local Government Departments

Community Development:

  • Community Based Organisations
  • Non-Governmental  Organisations
  • Local Department Agencies
  • International Development Agencies

BlaqApple Communication and Events staff, are highly-trained professionals - whose dedicated function is to give you the best event possible and are all highly-qualified, experienced and effective technicians. We use only state of the art equipment - self-owned -which means that quality is always assured and the cost to the client is greatly reduced. Safety is paramount and all standards are strictly adhered to. We all posses broad experience and share one common interest in providing innovative ideas to our Clients.

you get ouy what you put in
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